Parks and Activites

5 Rivers Metro Park has over 15 parks in the Dayton area that are scattered with bike trails, hiking trails, and water trails. Take you family for some free fun!


Carillon Historical Park has amazing Special Events and Educational Events that happen all throughout the year that you can bring your whole family to enjoy


Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve is a perfect place for some family fun for free. There are beautiful hiking trails that the whole family will enjoy!



Educational Recreational Resources

Dayton Art Institute located in the heart of Dayton. They always have plenty of events throughout the day to bring your family to enjoy!

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is a perfect place to inspire your child to do some hands-on science experiments along with a calendar full of special events to attend.

Dayton Metro Library events has plenty of things on their calendar to feed your child’s inner book worm.

SunWatch Indian Village is a great place to take your family if you are looking for something different to do. This trip will include cultural experiences your family will never forget.


More Activities To Do In The Dayton Area

Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm is a place you can take your whole family for a some homemade ice cream, games of miniature golf, and to visits Cowvin’s Kiddie Corral & fun for the whole family.


here is a complete list of daily events happening in the Dayton area that is continuously updated!!!




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